Didymoi Dreams

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It’s always a strange feeling to release an album. To open the musical world you’ve been submerged in to the public is equally frightening as it is exhilarating. As Sidsel Endresen and I recorded a number of our duo concerts last year the plan was to make an album of out-takes of the different concerts, but as we were listening to the recordings one concert stood out as a document of all the directions we could never dream up or even explain. We decided to abandon the production plan and go for the whole Nattjazz concert, unedited. When I listen to it now I realise that I am actually more nervous than when I was on stage! Maybe it’s partly because I can really hear one of the amps begging for it’s life, slowly dying…




Below are links to the reviews that are online, and I will keep updating this list as we go…

“This music passes a threshold and enters undiscovered grounds.”
5/5 – WritteninMusic.com

“Like hearing twin souls”
5/6 – Dagbladet (N)

“A brilliant album”
Dagsavisen (N)

“Collaboration on a high level”
5/6 – Adressa

“Intuitive strength”
5/6 – VG (N)

“Playful collaboration and deadly serious beautiful music”
5/6 – Aftenposten (N)


  1. Patrick M. Hnidka July 25, 2012

    Hello, I was wondering if the new duo album with Sidsel Endresen will be released on vinyl?

  2. stianwesterhus July 25, 2012

    Hi Patrick
    I’m afraid tere are no plans at this stage to release Didymoi Dreams on vinyl as it would have to be a double vinyl to fit all of the gig, and the stretches of music would be cut up as well disrupting the flow of the music as this is a single gig from start to finish.

  3. gold price September 14, 2012

    Recent meetings with a younger generation of Nordic musicians – Helge Sten, Christian Wallumrod, Halon Kornstad and Humcrush – have yielded some of the bravest and most beautiful music of her career. And this set with guitarist Stian Westerhus , recorded live in Bergen, is no exception.