X-mas update before the new year

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It seems like the new year isn’t all that well planned, like it suddenly appeared without me noticing kind of…!
2012 was fun, fragmented, focused and weirdly exciting in many surprising ways I won’t go into in detail.
One of the really fun things though was releasing a new solo album and doing a bunch of solo gigs. Thanks to everyone who came along, and a specially warm thank-you to those of you who bought the album!
“The Matriarch…” got really good reviews, but so did the duo release “Didymoi Dreams” with Sidsel Endresen as well, and so I am extremely happy to announce more gigs for us in the coming winter/spring. Check out the gigs page!

There are also some quite exciting new plans for 2013. But more on that later! Hell yeah!




  1. Matt December 30, 2012

    Thanks for the update Stian.

    Very pleased to see the Fire! gig listed for March. Is that part of the Fire! Orchestra thing that’s coming out on Rune? I can’t imagine they’ll be squeezing 28 performers into OTO :D

    Shame to see the Sidsel gig at Vortex in Feb has apparently fallen through? Very much enjoyed your solo performance and Puma in London this year and still loving “The Matriarch…” as well.

    Looking forward to hearing what’s in store for 2013.