Happy new year!

Posted By on January 2, 2014 in blablabla |

2013 left me with a broken nose, two broken ribs, a new band, and three comissions done!
Woah, it’s been a crazy year, and this website is indeed some sort of proof of it. It says I updated my gig list in May 2013. Huh!? Hah!
I did the last gig of 2013 on the 14th of December in London – doing the second of the two concerts with the eight string players from Britten Sinfonia. What a kick! It’s also partly why things have been hectic, in addition to recording the Pale Horses album (which will be out on Rune Grammofon end of March!).

2014 is going to be an interesting one for sure. Im sending off the mixes for the Pale Horses album today, there’s a couple of new interesting commissions coming up, both orchestral as well as solo, Sidsel Endresen and me are recording this spring and that’s just the beginning. Can’t wait to go on tour with Pale Horses in Jan/Feb.!!

Stay tuned, and hope to see you out there this spring!!