“from meditation to the descent into hell” (Die Zeit).

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Been working in the studio in Oslo this week on my new solo album. Oslo has turned in to a melting bit of cheese with 25 degrees celsius, and every park looks like a small part of some lazy rock festival whose theme would be something in the realm of “barbequed is the new food”. The album, however, sounds nothing like it, but I have also become aware of the fact that I’ve never made an album in summer before. It feels somewhat strange to close the window because of birds singing, kids playing and drunken arguments over late suppers. People are letting loose, enjoying the warm weather, and every night I walk home through the park there is a party.

Contrastingly; most of the material for this album was recorded at Emanuel Vigeland Mausoleum. An incredible space on the outskirts of Oslo, a tomb with enormous wall paintings about the circle of life, all lit very very dimly. The tomb is also known for it’s 15-20 second reverb, and in the process of preserving the paintings the temperature is a natural 5 degrees celsius.

The funny thing is that when I was mixing the previous album (pitch black star spangled) my studio was down to 8 degrees at times because of the super-cold weather outside. Although un-dramatic enough the cold seems to haunt this project, and so as the summer keeps on coming I don’t see it it totally un-plausable that hell might just freeze over pretty soon. Ha!

Anyway; enough yakin, well – talking about hell, it actually brings me over to the subject of this post…finally!!

Heading over to Hamburg today. Guest-appearing again with SUPERSILENT at the ElbJazz Festival tomorrow. Hell yeah!




  1. Magnus Ressem May 25, 2012

    Hei Stian

    Flott side. Musikk likeså. Move on up.

    Beste hilsen
    Magnus Ressem

  2. stianwesterhus May 25, 2012

    Takk for det, Magnus!
    – stian